Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Don’t let airport parking eat into your holiday dollars

If you are like me, you hate parking at the airport. The reason for me is the incredibly high prices I am charged to occupy such space.

The downside of parking at the airport is it eats into dollars you would much rather be spending on some treat at your holiday destination. If you are holidaying for a week or more than the costs can be quite significant just to leave your vehicle while you fly.

Often catching trains, taxis or getting lifts from friends or relatives is not an option – you need to drive to the airport.

Fortunately in the area of parking your car for more than pick-up and drop-off, entrepreneurial spirit has come to the rescue of travellers be it those looking to park their car for overnight or longer trips away via the airport.
Airport Parking The Airport Parking group is one such provider of alternative parking at airports not only at every Australian capital city, but also at several regional airport plus Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand.

To save dollars parking your car while your are way on holidays,  simply book online at Airport Parking and on your travel date drive to their parking facility which will be just a  short distance from the airport (but avoiding the worst of the traffic and confusing signage).  A valet will park your car in their facility  and they will drive you and your luggage to the door of your airline at the terminal in their shuttle bus.

This is far better than either dropping off your travelling companion with your bags at the terminal, they wait while you drive to the parking station and walk back, or alternatively park and lug your bags on the walk back to the terminal.

After your trip what could be better that a quick phone call to confirm your arrival and a few minutes later the shuttle arriving to whisk you back to your car that will be waiting for you at the parking office.

This system is especially good when the weather is wet!

Checkout the Airport Parking for the smarter parking alternative.

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