Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Survey shows hotel market remains positive in 2012

If you are planning on traveling, it could pay to book early as the global hotel industry remains firm.

Hotel operators across the globe are more optimistic about business trends in 2012 than they had been last year a survey has found.

The recent survey compiled by Horwath Hotel, Tourism and Leisure (HTL) which gathers responses from over 40 countries, revealed that while Asia and the US continues to flourish Europe remains flat.

The survey concentrates on the outlook for occupancy, average room rates, total revenue and assessing the outlook for key demand segments.

According to the survey the outlook for 2012 is not as positive as the outlook conducted in February 2011, however has improved from the July 2011 survey.

The results reveal improved sentiment is detected in Asia, North America, and the Middle East/Africa, while Europe remains sluggish and Oceania has weakened slightly.

Horwath HTL Asia Director Damien Little said the fact that sentiment in the US markets is beginning to increase is a good sign that better things are on the way.

“Europe has a double bonus with the European Soccer championships in Poland and the Ukraine, followed by the Olympic Games to be held in London, both of which should drive a healthy demand for hotel bedrooms,” Mr Little said.

“If Europe can finally settle its debt problem once and for all and inflationary pressures not impact too much on the Chinese economy, we should be looking at a much better second half of 2012.”

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