Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Chifley Wollongong – fantastic foreshore location

A beach front view only steps away for the retail buzz of the city, the Chifley Wollongong stands tall as the ideal property for travellers looking for a peaceful and exciting getaway.

Pulling up to the hotel, hair slightly dishevelled and legs tingling for movement after the one hour drive from Sydney, I was more than ready to write off the rest of the day to a good night’s sleep.

But as quickly as I’d stepped out of the vehicle, the cool breeze escaping the ocean directly in front refuelled my excitement and I was ‘ready to get my Wollongong on’.

Still captivated by the sight of the clear water extending out to what looked like the edge of the planet, I headed towards the entrance of the hotel.

Perhaps it was great customer service or the site of a mad woman scrambling her purse to find a camera while balancing a suitcase and a carry-on, staff promptly greeted me with the offer to move my luggage into the lobby.

Two to three slightly shaky photos lately I entered the hotel.

Already distinguishing itself from other hotels across NSW, the Chifley Wollongong greets its guests with the usual reception to the left and the hip and social, C Bar to the right.

Eyeing the cocktails as guests sipped and conversed over their day in the Gong, my attention was snapped back to staff who knowingly suggested I try the bar before the end of my trip before handing me my room-key.

Complimenting the ocean view and the hotel’s close proximity to water-life, my twin-deluxe room was warmly decorated in earthy tones.

A child by nature I dropped my luggage upon entry and leaped onto the bed, which thankfully and to my extreme delight embraced me with a soft landing.

In fact almost too welcoming and soft that I’d returned to my former exhausted state and was ready to forget dinner and nod straight off to bed.

But before my eyelids could reach the halfway point my travel buddy pinched me back to reality and it was time to feed this traveller.

Heading straight up to level three to the Chifley Wollongong’s C Grill where the finest dinner was being served with a breathtaking view of the city’s beach.

Described as Wollongong’s “newest and freshest dining experience”, the C Grill is open to guests from early morning for coffee and breakfast as well as dinner in the evening.

Serving meals with a twist of fresh and simplicity, those visiting must try one of the hotel’s signature dish – the char grilled junee lamb, onion and eggplant salad with red wine and currant dressing.

Although not your usual meat-eater, the lamb was charred to the point of well-cooked while retaining its raw softness.

Finishing off the entire meal, one would think I’d be ready to move into the hotel’s gym or pool to burn off the calories but instead I was holding out for some promised “decadent desserts”.

While usually recommended to share between two, I dove straight into my death by chocolate platter without considering my travel buddy.

Like I’d landed in paradise, I was floating in a bowl of Belgium chocolate mixed with ice cream, decorated with French profiteroles, chocolate pate, terrine and infused with guava and strawberries.

After practically cleaning the plate with my spoon, it was time for this traveller to enjoy the end her day in the cosy room.

Although my trip to Wollongong was only an overnight stay, as I closed my curtain to the site of the beach twinkling ahead, I knew the Chifley Wollongong would always be my Gong away from home.

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