Friday, April 20th, 2012

Travelling to the US? Stay at the Paris, Las Vegas

It is exotic in a city of dreams, a city of excess, and a city of fun, the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino


Towering 46 storeys above the infamous Las Vegas strip is a landmark synonymous with a city on the other side of the world…the Eiffel Tower.

In true Las Vegas fashion, this replica of the oft photographed icon is only slightly smaller than the original and its impressive form is nestled within the French-themed Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino, adjacent to a replica of the Arc de Triomphe.

Capturing the romance of the city of love, Paris Las Vegas is an intimate hotel and casino that imbues a certain elegance from the moment you enter.

Rows and rows of slot machines may welcome me from the Strip entrance, but my attention is stolen by the legs of the Eiffel Tower which sit within the casino. It is almost as if I have entered the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and a giant looms above.

Enticed by the prospect of the ‘Eiffel Tower Ride’ I head straight to the escalators that will lead me to the observation deck 46 storeys above.

Having never travelled to Paris, I wonder whether this ‘fix’ will suffice or whether it will just increase my hunger to ascend the original on the other side of the world.

The term ‘ride’ really was meant quite loosely I discover when the guide who greets me in the elevator indicates that the ascent to the observation deck is actually the ‘ride’.

My disappointment is allayed when I see the breathtaking view that greets me though.

There’s my city…my favourite, vibrant city, spread out in front of me like the board game ‘Hotels’ that I played with fervour in my childhood. Casinos, hotels, pools and shopping malls as far as the eye can see…it was like candy to a baby!

Excitement built as I gazed at the Paris Las Vegas hotel from atop top the Eiffel Tower…I was moments away from checking in and I couldn’t wait.

Entering ‘the ride’ again, we pass the Eiffel Tower Restaurant sitting 100 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard.

Dubbed the most romantic restaurant on the strip, I added it to my mental bucket list as another place I’d like a future suitor to take me…if only I could find said suitor!

The check-in counter was very busy and, as I wheeled my hefty suitcase past the slot machines, the French pastry shop and the general store across cobble stone-like flooring, I regretted refusing the offer of a porter.

It was all about that authentic French experience though and I wouldn’t have been offered a porter to walk through the streets of Paris I’m sure!

Only in Las Vegas!

Entering our ‘Red Room’, I was once again struck by the formidable view. My room overlooked the Bellagio fountains visible right through the Eiffel Tower.

I glanced across at Caesars Palace and counted the windows up and across to work out where my room was from earlier in the week. It seemed like I had travelled from Rome to Paris in a heartbeat…

Plush red furnishings were highlighted by dark wood pieces evoking a bourdois ambience and the marble bathroom was spacious with ample room for the cosmetic requirements of two ‘girly girls’.

I couldn’t wait to see the reaction of my friend when she arrived…this was a slice of Parisian heaven.

Speaking of heaven…I had been informed that the ‘Sugar Factory’ on the casino level was a must-do for this sweet tooth and self touted ‘celebrophile’.

Featuring wall-to-wall candy including their signature series Kim Kardashian, Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears ‘Couture Pops’ and American-style cafe treats, what better place was there to indulge in some calories with a side of star spotting?

Selecting a table outside, overlooking the Bellagio fountains, we enjoyed some good old’ American fare, purchasing scrumptious burgers, fries and milkshakes all ’round.

Well when in Rome…or Paris Las Vegas…

That night we planned to hit the town and what better place to start than right in our very own hotel?

Chateau Nightclub and Gardens was the place to be we were told and boy were they right!

Returning to our room we dolled up Vegas-style and tottered carefully across the cobble stone to experience our first Sin City nightclub.

The line snaked throughout the casino to enter and my heart raced as I wondered if we would actually get in….it was time to pull out my old faithful…the Aussie accent!

It worked a charm, as always, and we ascended the stairs into the pumping nightclub.

Burlesque dancers took their place on podiums around the dance floor and a mix of old school R&B blended with modern dance tracks to turn the floor into a fluid mix of movement and styles.

Heading upstairs we found ourselves in a rooftop bar dotted with glittering fairy lights and cabanas skirting what had transformed into an outdoor dance floor.

The lights of Las Vegas Boulevarde sparkled around us and, as I looked up, the Eiffel Tower stretched above.

Lit up against the night sky it seemed to act as a beacon for the charm, romance and passion that the hotel and casino that surrounded it exuded.

Paris Las Vegas had captured my heart. Its namesake in Europe was going to have to do a lot to live up to my expectations but, for now, the city within a hotel would do just fine.


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