Friday, September 25th, 2015

Staying at the Savoy Central Hotel Apartments – Dubai

I recently traveled through Dubai and had one night in the modern city.

I searched on-line and read reviews of several hotels, with my a weather eye on how good the internet  service was like (business dictates that when I get internet, it needs to be good).

From the list of available hotels I chose Savoy Central Hotel Apartments. Another deciding factor was it was not too far from the airport.

The room was spacious at Savoy Central Hotel Apartments

The room was spacious

While they offer a shuttle service as a single traveller I found it was cheaper to take a taxi (85DRM including 25 airport surcharge.)

The hotel is not on an expensive looking street, in fact the street was fairly average but the hotel was far from it.

The staff were friendly, and like much of Dubai, had a good proportion of Indians working there, all well presented, attentive and polite.

Check-in was easy and I happily accepted an upgrade to a family suite (two double beds and a small sitting area) while the normal room I had booked would have been quite sufficient I am sure.

The room was spacious and very clean. The bed was comfortable (as we all want after a long flight or a day sightseeing).

The mini kitchen would have allowed me to prepare a basic meal (there was a supermarket nearby).

Dubai Metro station

Nearby Dubai Metro station – all have a similar roof

A ten minute walk away in almost a straight line is a metro station where you can easily travel via driverless train to the airport at the conclusion of your trip, or head the other way into the ‘heart of modern Dubai…including the Dubai Mall (be prepared for what seems a long walk from the metro station, albeit in air-conditioned comfort and with moving walkways).

I was very impressed with the hotel staff.

On my second day I took the red hop-on-hop-off bus. It was 47c and I missed one bus and had to wait in the sun on the roadside next to a metal fence for 20 minutes. The heat was almost unbearable; and despite doing the included Dubai Creek tour in an air-conditioned Dhow, and a relaxing water taxi ride across the creek I had a 2km walk back to the hotel.

Despite having ‘checked out’ my bags were still there. On arrival back at the hotel it was all I could do to slump into the foyer lounge.

The attention paid to me I did not expect and I was very grateful. Needless to say i recovered and enjoyed a very good and reasonably priced meal before taking a taxi to the airport for my midnight flight.

I rate the Savoy Central Hotel Apartments 9/10 and yes, the WiFi was very good.

Link to the Savoy Central Hotel Apartments

Link to the Hop-on-hop off bus (allows you to see a lot)

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