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Visiting Georgia’s Gergeti Trinity Church

Or…Cows on the highway

One of the most exciting things about visiting Georgia, other than the history, the people, the wine and the food…. are the mountains.

Coming from a country (Australia) that does not have a true mountain I was full of anticipation for the day trip to the North Caucuses to visit the famous Gergeti Trinity Church and the waterfall at Gveteti, not far from Georgia’s northern border with Russia.

The tour was arranged through and my driver and guide for the day was Ashot, who was also the transport manager for the company. Together we set off in a large, comfortable black Landcruiser.

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Sampling wine and its history in the Republic of Georgia


It is not every day you walk into the grounds of an ancient castle to sample wines at a winery set up on the order of a king, but today I was doing just that as part of a one day winery tour of Kakheti region in western Georgia.

The Republic of Georgia that is, the country that sits on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and has Russia looming over it both geographically and geopolitically. Not the USA state where people talk funny.

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Travelling to the US? Stay at the Paris, Las Vegas

It is exotic in a city of dreams, a city of excess, and a city of fun, the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino

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China- Motorcycle taxis see need for speed

If you want to really get into the Chinese transport culture, maybe a hairy ride on a motorcyle taxi is the way to go…Zhang Yue explains:

If you visit Hefei, capital of Anhui province, don’t be surprised if you see an elegantly dressed woman on the back of a dilapidated motorcycle ridden by a bruiser. Very likely, she just could not get a cab.

Traffic congestion is well documented in first-tier cities such as Beijing, where the average commute from home to work takes 52 minutes.

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Franz Josef Glacier – a great place to visit!

Kerry Myers send us this great piece about  Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. Having visiting the town and the glacier, I can agree with everything she says!

A day spent in Franz Josef Glacier township result in a lifetime of memories, and the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular natural features in the world, before it disappears.

Often seen as a mere pit stop on the way to other more well known destinations, Franz Josef Glacier is a small township located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and is well worth a night or two to explore what this region has to offer.

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Dubai – more that hotels and sand islands

A little outside our normal range, we thought you may be interested in things to do in Dubai. While the urban area has attractions, so does the surrounding desert.  Here is an article from the BBC. We can of course provide help with hotels in Dubai.

04 March 2011 | By Elyse Moody

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Reader’s Tales – Kangaroo Valley

Reader Luci Sheppard tells us about her favourite getaway location. I have also been to Kangaroo Valley and agree that is it a great location. The sandstone bridge is worth a photo as well!

I just got back from a trip to Kangaroo Valley Golf Course. Just over a 2 hour drive out of Sydney, it’s a great escape away from the bustling of the city.

With the luscious greenery and sight of farms everywhere, it’s easy to forget about the office, a computer and the constant phone ringing. I’ve been numerous times and with beautiful cabins right on the golf course, it’s so nice to wake up to actual peace and quiet. Not quite the golfer myself, there’s tennis courts, a swimming pool, a bar, restaurant, and with a big balcony on each cabin, great to just play cards and make home made delicious food.

I’ve been as both a girls weekend and with my boyfriend and every time I wish I could stay longer.

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Reader’s tales – Towers of Chevron Renaissance Surfers Paradise

We love to hear about where people holiday, or where there favourite place happens to be.

Chantal Butcher shares with us what started out to be a disaster holiday on Queensland’s Gold Coast, only to find what she says is the perfect holiday destination!

We travelled to Queensland last year as a family with our two young boys 3 and 5. We were lured into a “family resort” that we instantly disliked, so much so that we checked out and looked elsewhere for our accommodation.

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