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Canberra Tourist City Guide

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About Canberra

Canberra, ACT, the birthplace of Australia's Federation, the national capital of the nation and home to over 300,000 people. Canberra is a fascinating place for visitors and tourists to spend a few days or even longer. The site was chosen for the capital as it was roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra also has sea access via a special zone within Jarvis Bay. Many visitors to Canberra come to see the political aspects, including the two Parliament Houses, plus other buildings of national significance. Here is some Canberra tourist information.

Canberra's Climate

Canberra's summer daytime temperatures are generally mild, but in summer may reach 30 degrees Celsius or more with minimal rainfall. The hottest month is generally February. In Winter, night-time temperatures may drop well below zero, but winter days are normally calm and sunny, averaging around 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. Rain in Canberra falls mainly in Spring and Autumn. Best months to visit are November/December and March.

Getting to Canberra

Canberra is 280 kilometres south-west of Sydney and 650 kilometres north-east of Melbourne. Once out of the Sydney built-up area, most of the distance to Canberra is comfortably covered via multi-lane divided carriage-way for most of the way. A typical car journey from Sydney will take about 3.5 hours. Alternatively you can travel from Sydney by train and from Canberra back to Sydney.

If coming from Melbourne, again a good dual lane road is available to Yass for the final 30 min run into Canberra.

Travelling the 10km to the city from the airport takes about fifteen minutes via taxi to the city costing approximately $12-14. Some hotels provide transfers. If you are starting a journey from Canberra airport, you can also hire a car from one of the car rental companies.

Travel around Canberra is easy via a good bus network. Alternatively you might like to take a Canberra tourist tour that provides an entertaining and informative way of seeing the major attractions of this exciting city.

Canberra tourist activities

Canberra is a tourist's dream, with a huge number of activities catering for the tourist and day tripper. Canberra hosts many public buildings that are open most days to visitors with free entry. See Canberra Tourist Resource Centre box. While Canberra is famous for its roundabouts, it is in fact an easy city to drive around. TIP! Don't get worried if the road does not seem to go where you are going, often roads sweep around again to your destination. It is worth investing a in a  map of course!

It is worth having a map because if you want to visit the Black Mountain Telstra Tower, Australian War Memorial, the Royal Australian Mint, Cockington Green, the National Gallery, National Library, old and new Parliament House it is best to plan your day's driving in advance.

There are also many international embassies in Canberra, mostly located not far from the new Parliament House and easily accessible from the main road, and many are fine examples of architecture from their home countries.

Dining out in Canberra

Canberra has a huge number of restaurants and eating out in this city is very popular. For this reason it is worth looking at this restaurant guide for Canberra restaurants where you can find and book restaurants for a diverse range of food types.

Hotel accommodation in Canberra

Before arriving in Canberra, it is worth booking some Canberra hotel accommodation. Canberra has an excellent range of accommodation for visitors, with choices ranging from three star to luxury five star. These lodgings help cater for all types of visitors, from visiting dignatorys to families and groups looking for affordable hotel and motel accommodation.

We have designed our site to include maps on the Canberra overpage, plus on each hotel page, so you can make sure your chosen lodgings are close to where you want to go.

Canberra Tourist Resources

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